Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Think you may suffer from allergies? Your healthcare professional can help you determine whether you do have allergies, what allergens trigger them, and whether over-the-counter or prescription medications, if any, are appropriate. Some questions to ask your doctor could include:

  1. What are the treatment choices for my allergies?
  2. Would allergy shots be helpful in my case?
  3. How can I prevent or minimize my exposure to allergens?
  4. How can I tell whether my children have allergies, too, or if they will develop them?
  5. What can I do to prevent my child from developing allergies and asthma?
  6. Will my medications make me sleepy or cause other side effects?
  7. Will my medications react with other drugs I’m taking?
  8. How much medication should I take, and how often?
  9. When should I stop taking medication?
  10. Are there other symptoms of allergies I should look for?


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