Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
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There seem to be more and more people these days who are having reactions to chemicals. Some people are even so irritated by lots of everyday substances that they have to avoid them altogether. If you think that you have developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), you may be frustrated not only because you are having problems with most of the products others take for granted, but also because most people—including doctors—don’t seem to understand what you are up against.


Most allergists have no solution for MCS, because it is not an “allergy.” Allergists treat allergies and allergic asthma by helping to reduce the immune system’s overreaction to otherwise harmless substances. Allergy shots introduce the allergen in small amounts to build up your resistance to these substances. Medications that work as anti-histamines reduce the body’s ability to react to allergens.


Pulmonologists work with disorders of the lungs, and strictly speaking, MCS is not a lung disorder. Although some people with MCS, like me, have asthma when they are exposed to certain chemicals, the origin of this problem is not in the lungs.


Alternative Healers
These are perhaps only the only medical professionals who would claim to be able to help with MCS. Most other doctors, especially in the western tradition of medicine, don’t have any solution other than avoidance.


Many people have found relief through their work with naturopaths, who use herbal medicines as well as de-toxifying procedures to help the body heal from the damage of MCS.



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