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Almost 40 percent of Americans try some form of alternative medicine, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says. Doctors say a growing number of the 35.9 million Americans who have seasonal allergies are inquiring about or already dabbling with alternative treatments as diverse as herbal teas laced with local honey, acupuncture and biofeedback.

There has only been scientific validation for mind-body medicine for the last quarter century.  The idea that physical health can be influenced by thoughts, emotions and beliefs is just now catching on.  Many practitioners of psychoneuroimmunology, the medical term for mind-body medicine, relate case studies that are amazing, particularly in the treatment of chronic illnesses like sinusitis, allergies, arthritis and back pain.  Modern Western medicine has no cure for these.  Allergies can’t be cured, but there are many traditional and natural methods of treating the symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicine:   A Proven Remedy

Something new on the horizon in natural allergy relief is a new homeopathic product that is safe and effective in relieving symptoms of allergic rhinitis (runny, irritated nose).  MucoAd is a mucoadhesive molecule (hypromellose) that prolongs contact with the nasal surface.  This means that the nasal spray last longer and re-dosing isn’t needed as much.

Another exciting new product is based on a herb that is a long-time remedy for allergic asthma and allergies, capsium.  Capsaicin nasal spray reduced all symptoms and relief was achieved in a study using Sinol-M.  Testing revealed that Sinol-M might promote a better night’s sleep free from nasal symptoms.

Homeopathy is based on the idea that diseases can be cured by giving the substance that causes the disease back to a person in extremely small amounts. This is a similar to the principle used in immunotherapy, except in much smaller doses that have proven to be beneficial with using allergy shots.

Homeopaths prescribe “constitutional medicine”–a remedy that is chosen personally for the individual based on the totality of symptoms they have and not just the allergy symptoms.

Solid research has proven the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of hay fever.

Another good study on homeopathic treatment of allergic asthma was published in the Lancet.   The people in this study who were given the homeopathic medicine experienced significant improvement in their asthma symptoms.

Some of the specific remedies used for allergy and asthma symptoms are Allium cepa (the common onion), Euphrasia, Arsenicum album (arsenic, the mineral), Nux vomica, Pulsatilla (windflower, an herb), Histaminium, Kali bic, Natrum mur, Sabadilla, Solidago and Wyethia.

To learn when and how to use these remedies, consult a homeopathic guidebook such as “Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines” or “Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants”, or Dr. M. Panos and Jane Heimlich’s “Homeopathic Medicine at Home.”

You also can learn more about homeopathy by contacting:

Homeopathic Educational Services
2124B Kittredge St.
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 649-0294

Acupuncture Might Help

Acupuncture originated as a healing practice in China over 5,000 years ago.   The treatment involves inserting needles into the skin at certain points in the body to restore the balance of “vital flows.”   There are too few studies in regard to acupuncture and hay fever to decide if its effective.  It’s bound to help something.  What do you really have to lose but possibly your allergy symptoms?

In a German study published in the journal Allergy 52 people with hay fever received acupuncture treatments once a week as well as a Chinese herbal tea that was thought to be effective in treating allergic symptoms three times per day, or sham acupuncture and regular herbal tea.  After six weeks people who received the real acupuncture and herbal treatment noticed an 85 percent improvement.

In another study 72 children with hay fever received either real acupuncture treatments twice a week or sham treatments.  After eight weeks, improved symptoms and more symptom-free days were found in the patients who received real acupuncture as compared to those who received sham acupuncture.

The Importance of Drinking Water

Fluids help clear airways by hydrating mucous membranes: The wetter the membrane, the thinner the mucus and the more easily it can drain.  When you are having allergy asthma or allergy symptoms, be sure to drink that eight glasses of water we all hear so much about.

Vitamin Supplements Always a Good Idea

Food sensitivities or food allergy sufferers can benefit from taking a rich daily multivitamin with adequate essential fatty acids.  Sometimes this addition alone can correct any imbalance and soothe diet-related inflammation.

Another possible effective asthma and allergy natural relief treatment is a gentle detox program that includes a colon cleanse.  The purging of your GI system will help soothe inflammation.  It should be undertaken with the guidance of a health-care practitioner.

Chemical Sensitivities and NAET

If you are becoming increasingly sensitive to noxious fumes, air fresheners, perfumes, chemical odors and other synthetic fumes, it’s a good indication that your system is going into overload.  Chemical sensitivity symptoms include headaches, dry mouth, sore throat, coughing and rashes.

The recommended treatment for this condition is holistic and it is called Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques or NAET.  NAET is a non-invasive yet effective way of eliminating many sensitivities and allergies.  It uses a combination of therapies including nutrition, acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy (homeopathic), chiropraction (Chiropractic medicine), and kinesiology (the study of human movement).   Patients have been successfully desensitized so that they can even tolerate formerly offending substances without symptoms.

Finally, do consider taking up yoga or some other stress-relieving program.  Your allergies are connected to your emotions.  Less stress can go a long way in feeling better.

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