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7 Myths About Allergies That Might Surprise You

1.  MYTH:  Mold allergies can’t affect you if you stay away from “moldy” places like basements, cellars and other dark, damp places. Mold spores are carried by the wind.  People who are allergic to mold suffer most in the summer and early fall with seasonal allergies.   In warm climates, they thrive year round.   Walking through tall vegetation or even cutting …

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The Facts About Allergies and What You Can Do About Them

One out of six Americans suffers from allergic disease.  Millions of dollars are spent on medications, physician services and missed days from work and school. What Exactly Is An Allergy? You are well aware of what allergy symptoms an allergy produces in your body, but do you understand what an allergy is?  It is an abnormal over-reaction to an ordinarily …

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Coping with Seasonal Allergies in Traditional and Alternative Ways

Spring is here and so is the beginning of seasonal allergy symptoms.   Most seasonal allergies are caused by airborne pollens.  This comes in the form of a very fine powder that is released by trees, grasses and weeds.  Molds being airborne in outdoor air also contribute to seasonal allergies. An allergy is an immune system over-reaction that causes the body …

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