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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

  There seem to be more and more people these days who are having reactions to chemicals. Some people are even so irritated by lots of everyday substances that they have to avoid them altogether. If you think that you have developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), you may be frustrated not only because you are having problems with most of …

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Chemical Allergies to cleaning products, new carpeting, and VOCs

Poor air quality is due more to pollution sources that release gases and particles than to allergens. Poor ventilation increases levels of these pollutants because there is not enough “fresh” air inside the house. Personally, I am allergic to lots of “indoor” allergens, but my major problem indoors seems to be reactions to indoor particles. These reactions are not strictly …

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Travel and Chemical Allergies

If, like me, you have lots of allergies to cleaning products and other chemicals, traveling can be very stressful, and even dangerous. Planes are disinfected and cleaned with harsh chemical agents, and some may even use pesticides in the cabin to ward off cooties, etc. Hotel and motel rooms are notorious for using tons of cleaning agents on a constant …

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