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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

  There seem to be more and more people these days who are having reactions to chemicals. Some people are even so irritated by lots of everyday substances that they have to avoid them altogether. If you think that you have developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), you may be frustrated not only because you are having problems with most of ...

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Chemical Allergies to cleaning products, new carpeting, and VOCs

Poor air quality is due more to pollution sources that release gases and particles than to allergens. Poor ventilation increases levels of these pollutants because there is not enough “fresh” air inside the house. Personally, I am allergic to lots of “indoor” allergens, but my major problem indoors seems to be reactions to indoor particles. These reactions are not strictly ...

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Indoor Allergens – What they are and how to get rid of them

If you have allergies to trees, grasses, and other pollen-producing plants, it may come as a surprise to you that your home can also have allergens. In fact, some of the worst culprits may be in your home. But the good news is that since you have more control over your home than the outdoors, you can reduce household allergens. ...

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Get rid of indoor allergens

Allergies are NOT a state of mind! If you are allergic to mold, dust, and pet dander, there are things that you can do to reduce the severity of your reactions and even the number of reactions. By getting rid of many allergens in places where you spend the most time, you will almost certainly find you feel healthy more ...

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Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Think you may suffer from allergies? Your healthcare professional can help you determine whether you do have allergies, what allergens trigger them, and whether over-the-counter or prescription medications, if any, are appropriate. Some questions to ask your doctor could include: What are the treatment choices for my allergies? Would allergy shots be helpful in my case? How can I prevent ...

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Top Ten Tips to Allergy-Proofing

Here are some simple lifestyle changes that will immediately reduce your exposure to allergens and increase your body’s ability to stay healthy. Reduce the clutter in your home–it collects dust. Use zippered, allergy-proof covers on mattresses, box springs and pillows to reduce dust mites in areas where you sleep. Wash bedding in 130°F (55°C) water every seven to ten days. ...

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