Allergies and Travel

Travel and Chemical Allergies

If, like me, you have lots of allergies to cleaning products and other chemicals, traveling can be very stressful, and even dangerous. Planes are disinfected and cleaned with harsh chemical agents, and some may even use pesticides in the cabin to ward off cooties, etc. Hotel and motel rooms are notorious for using tons of cleaning agents on a constant …

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Travel Checklist

Make a list of all your medications before you travel, and make sure you update it for your next trip. When you are packing you can refer to your list so you won’t wonder if you have forgotten anything. Bring ALL medications on the plane with you that you would need for at least 48 hours. You never know if …

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Traveling and Allergies

Traveling with allergies can be problematic sometimes, and you may not have considered the potential pitfalls. If you are very allergic to¬†animals, make sure the destination (hotel room or friend’s house) has not had pets recently, depending on your sensitivity. Many hotel chains allow pets in their rooms, so it is important to check on this. You can check the¬†pollen …

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